Calling from outside of US?

Currently, all of my telephone numbers (except two) are US based. If you would wish to call me, but you live outside of the US, your best solution might be to call on one of my SIP addresses. If you are using a smartphone, consider downloading Acrobits Softphone which is available for Android, and iOS. After that, get yourself a SIP account. I would recommend LocalPhone. If you get a LocalPhone account, you can then call my LocalPhone ID which isĀ 8814465.

If you would rather not go this route or wish to have a US telephone number, then you best solution might be CallCentric. You can get a US telephone number for $1.00 and then you would need a rate plan which will range from $2 – $20. This however can be pricey if you’re on a tight budget.

While there is some cost to it, the costs are reasonable, and that is for my London UK telephone number which you can call. There is no support for SMS with this number, so it is likely to be classified as a landline phone, The telephone number is +442036080180. You can also call from South Africa by dialing +27875508594.

If I find that I will be communicating with someone outside of the US regularly, I might consider trying to get a telephone number within that country. If so, the only solution I know of will be a SIP provider, so such incoming calls will go to my SIP client. I may not make outgoing calls due to a price though.