Calling From Outside the US?

If you are calling from outside the US, your best option is to use a SIP service provider. You can get an account for free, and when calling a in-network number, the call is free. If you choose to go this route, I would recommend either Callcentric, or LocalPhone – both of which are very reasonable in rates for extra services. At which point, you would simply dial the most appropriate number which will then ring my SIP client on my cellular phone – therefore enabling you to be able to reach me at most times of the day.

You would need a SIP client. I would personally recommend Acrobits SoftPhone which is $8USD and available on both Android and iOS. There are free SIP clients as well, but I have found that Acrobits is a much better option based on my experience. Once you download and install a SIP client, you would need to set up your SIP provider credentials to be able to make and receive SIP calls. Once your SIP client is properly setup, you would want to visit my SIP Addresses page to call me directly.

Likewise, if you were to call me via the SIP service, if I know your name, I will add you into my contacts, and will add you to my SIP client’s phonebook. This is of course there is a positive relationship between the two of us. You can also choose this method if you wanted to call me, but don’t want to disclose your telephone number.

If you were to need further advice on how to setup your SIP client, then I will do what I can to help with setting up via email. But from my experience, the setup should be relatively easy for anyone with average intelligence.