Handling Postal Mail?

Starting in January of 2021, I have decided to go to a complete digital solution as far as postal mail goes. The first big reason is space constraints. Paper takes up space. If you only get a couple of pieces of mail, this may not be an issue. If you correspond with more than a few people who write regularly, this could add up. Another reason is privacy. I value privacy in my life. If you were to know something abut me, it’s because I told you, and not what someone else says. I personally feel that it is downright rude to disclose information of another person without their explicit consent.

So what do I do? Well, first I check my PO Box on a regular basis. If I am waiting on something in particular, I might check more often, but usually, just once a week. So what happens when I receive the mail? Well, if it is important enough for me to reply, then it is important enough for me to keep. When I get home, I reply to the letter of importance, and print a respective envelope for that person. Once I am finished replying to that person – I take their letter to my scanner where I scan the document as a single file. That scan document is then stored on my computer which is backed up on a regular basis. I then take that letter, and I run it through the shredder.

Running the letter through the shredder may seem like I don’t care about the person that wrote to me, but the opposite is the case. Keep in mind that I scanned their letter to store in my computer which is backed up regularly. It is this process that keeps the letter in the condition in which I received it. Shredding the letter then assures me of some privacy as only I have access to my files on my computer. I can always go back and read the letter at anytime, just with using the computer screen.

Outgoing mail is set next to the door which goes out anytime I leave my apartment building. At the very least, this is when I go to the post office, but if I go out for whatever the reason other than those days, I will take all of my letters with me. They then get dropped off in the nearest USPS collection box which there is one about 1 block from where I live.

On the envelopes, all return addresses will show my PO Box even if the letter was sent to my residence. The rationale is preference of where I want return mails to go to. This is the same reason why personal mail has my .name address as the reply to even if you were to send an email to my other email address.