I try to not provide all of my telephone numbers for various reasons. However, I use Google Voice for my main number which allows people to ring the most appropriate phone(s) depending on whether they are in my contacts or not. The following numbers are public, and available for anyone to use.

  • +14122532956 (Voice) – Google Voice
  • +14125832753 (SMS) – Cricket on Galaxy Tab S5e
  • +14127740041 (Fax) – eFax
  • (SIP Address)

The Google Voice number is a smart forwarding. You can view the Calling Rules Page within this section to see how calls are treated. The SMS number is provided since this is a data only line. Calling it will not yield any positive results. Keep in mind, I do not have the tablet in my pocket all of the time. I may not respond immediately when sending SMS messages to the tablet. The next number is provided by eFax. Calling this number will deliver a fax tone, and will not support voicemail messages.The SIP address is as the name implies and allows for SIP based calls.

If you are planning on calling in the US on a regular basis, and live outside of the US, you may want to consider a VOIP service such as Callcentric, or Ooma. These companies offer US calling, and a US telephone number which will allow those in the US to call you.