Some people for whatever the reason chooses to block their number from showing on CID units (such as the screen on your phone). However, I do not answer anonymous callers. This is because I don’t block my number when calling people, and I expect the same courtesy.

For the people I must deal with whom insists on calling from an anonymous line – I will provide a toll free telephone number. This however is at cost to me. Not only do I have to pay for the number, but will also have to pay a per minute rate as well. This is the reason of why I do not disclose this number to the public.

Calls to this number will ring a SIP client on my iPhone SE. This is done to keep the per minute rate of such calls to a minimum. Again, since I don’t give this number to the public, I don’t get calls to this number often. If you need this number, you would contact me directly, and I will provide it if I feel it warrants such decision.

In addition, Callcentric supports standard SIP addresses. For those that would want to know, my SIP address is This isĀ NOT an email address.