Calling Rules

For my primary telephone number, I use Google Voice. This is a smart call forwarding service which I use to manage incoming calls. When I have to call someone that I don’t want to know my cellular phone (such as returning a call), I will display my Google Voice number. Callers are divided into three groups.

Group 1 are anonymous callers. These are callers who block their number from showing on CID units. Since I don’t block my number from showing, I expect the same. For anonymous callers, they will go straight to voicemail. My phone will not ring.

Group 2 are unknown callers. These are people that don’t block their number, but are not in my contacts. Most people in the world fall under this category. Unknown callers will ring my phone, but only from the hours of 8AM – 6PM (US-EST).

Group 3 are those in my contacts. These callers will ring my cellular phone 24/7. If I do not know your last name, you will not go in my contacts. In other words, I must know your full name and telephone number(s) for you to be included into my contacts. This is so I know who I am calling, and who is calling me.