This page will go into detail of how I handle incoming calls. This might be important for someone to know if they were to call me. Most of these rules are handled automatically since Google Voice is a smart call forwarding service. The rules are as follows:

  • Anonymous Callers – Voicemail
  • Unknown Callers – 4589 (7AM – 7PM)
  • Contacts – 9751
  • Starred Contacts – 0283, 9751

Anonymous Callers

Anonymous Callers are those that block their number from showing up in Caller ID units. These callers will never ring any of my phones, and will go straight to voicemail. In turn, if I call someone, my number will show up on their Caller ID units.

Unknown Callers

Unknown callers are people that are not in my Contacts. This will include most of the people in this world. I typically don’t answer international calls, or calls outside of the 412, 724, and 878 area codes.


Contacts are one of the 25 people in my phone Contacts app which is handled through my Google Account. This is pretty self explanatory and simple to understand.

Starred Contacts

Starred Contacts are currently my doctors. However, if I was to have a significant other, she will also be a starred contact.