Contacting You?

The first thing you would need is my contact information. Obviously, if you don’t have that – you won’t be able to contact me. The home page of this website will have all of my public contact information. From there, you can reach me by telephone, email, iMessage, SMS, and Telegram. The other way to get my contact information is to download the .VCF at the bottom of every page on all of my websites. On supported devices, this .vcf will add most of my public contact information into your contacts. If I should need to change this file, I will do so, and upload it to my site.

Once you have my contact information, you would have to decide how you would wish to reach me. I would assume that you downloaded the .vcf, and will rely on contact information from there. The first option is email. If you choose to write an email, you should write more than just a sentence or two. If that is all you are going to write, I will not entertain you with a reply. The second option is my mobile device. In this regard, I will be referring to my toll-free telephone number. The reason I consider this a mobile line for the sake of the .vcf is that you would be able to reach me outside of my home. You can call this telephone number, you can also communicate via SMS. Last, you can choose to fax this number, but I will not be able to reply via fax. You also have my websites, and a mailing address which you can send mail to. If you contemplating on which method is best, email would be best, but you can also choose telephone. As for postal mail, I check my box every week.