Contacting You?

The first option if you would like to contact me on a regular basis will be to add me to your contacts. You can do so the hard way by adding the contact points on the home page of this site, or you can download my Virtual Card File. You can get just the basics by going to my Contact Directory. Downloading my VCF will give you much the same information.

If we were to meet in person, and you wanted my contact information, I will either let you tap on a tag or digital business card or show you my QR code. In either instance, you would go to my .tel address where you could download my contact information to your phone. If your phone doesn’t support NFC, or QR codes, I will possibly give you a conventional paper stock contact card which will have my contact information.

Once you added me to your contacts, you can call, send SMS/iMessage, and email. If you would want me to add you to my contacts, you must give me your first and last name. This is because I don’t want 2+ Joes, and have to figure out which one I need to contact. If we have been regular contacts, I might one day choose to give you my private cellular telephone number. However, if I were to remove you from my contacts, you would have to call my [Toll-Free] telephone number.