What is a Digital Contact Card?

A digital contact card is a card that is made of plastic or metal. The card will have a QR code, and an NFC chip. Rather than you giving the card to someone, the recipient’s phone will either tap on the NFC tag, or read the QR code. In either instance, the browser will prompt to open a web page. On that web page, all of the relevant public information is there. There are a number of companies that will provide a card (for a fee), and a webpage (sometimes with premium features) that will allow you to make and manage the page. This comes at a price with their branding both on the card, and the webpage – therefore reducing the professionalism. There might also be instances where it might be more efficient to just create your own page.

A better (but with a cost) option will be to use a .tel address. A .tel address will cost $12/year with Name.com. With a .tel, you can provide most if not all of the contact information you would need. This will include name, telephone numbers, websites, email addresses, and so on. The backend of the site will allow you to add content by filling in forms. You can see the results of a .tel by going to http://fsp.tel.

Once you get a .tel, then you would want to go to taptag.shop. From there, you can order a plastic or metal card. On the front, I would recommend your name, and two permanent details. One will be your .tel, and another could be an email address or website. I personally use my name, my telephone number, and .tel address.

I also have paper cards for the times where the recipient doesn’t have a sufficient phone or can’t use the features for whatever the reason. In that regards, the card will have my picture, QR code, and contact information as on my digital card. The costs is as follows:

  • Digital card: $50
  • .tel address: $15 per year
  • paper cards: $40

Companies might charge less for their card, but the digital card price is for a metal card. You would obviously pay less for a plastic card. Paper cards can be acquired from Vistaprint.