Why [Word] Throughout Your Site?

These words with [ ] around them is to mask a confidential bit of information. In this case, it will be my telephone numbers. For example, [Forwarder] is my forwarding number which I had since 2005. I will likely publicize the number once some issue gets resolved. There is also my [Primary] number which is the telephone number on SIM 1 of my primary cellular phone. Most of my contacts have this telephone number, but there are some that have my [Toll-Free] Telephone Number. In which case, you should always call the number you have if you need to reach me. Currently, there are 5 descriptors that are used through out the sites. They are as follows:

  • [Pager] – The number that select few have for emergencies.
  • [Primary] – My main telephone number that contact have. This is good for calls and SMS
  • [Secondary] {+14122532956} Secondary number supporting voice and SMS
  • [SMS] – {+14122409901} The number exclusively for SMS.
  • [Toll-Free] – {+18009217610} My public voice number. This is applied to all of my pages.

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