Why [Word] Throughout Your Sites?

These words with [ ] around them is to mask a confidential bit of information. In this case, it will be my telephone numbers. For example, my [Secondary] telephone number is the telephone number I had since 2005. You would be able to select the respective link, and get any information about that particular number, and if it publicized, the telephone number will show there. Another example is my [Primary] telephone number which is never publicized. Instead, you would be able to read about it. There are currently 5 descriptors which are listed as follows:

  • [Pager] – The number that select few have for emergencies.
  • [Primary] – My main telephone number that contact have. This is good for calls and SMS
  • [Secondary] – My second voice/SMS line. I had this number since 2005
  • [SMS] – The number exclusively for SMS.
  • [Toll-Free] –┬áMy public voice number. This is applied to all of my pages.

Selecting the links will open a new page so you can refer back to this page.