There are three types of people when related to me. There are Non-Contacts which are people that I don’t have full contact information with (including a last name). There are Contacts which are people that I have their full name, and a contact point (phone number, email address). Then there are Close Family/Friends which are those that have a regular contact with me, and I met in person.


These are people that I either don’t have a full name, or a contact point, or they are people I almost never hear from. This will be almost all of the 7 Billion people in the world. Even if we met in person, if there is no communication between us for at least three months, then you would possibly get demoted to a Non-Contact. Non-Contacts are not in my contacts (makes sense). Therefore any Non-Contact calling me on my personal cellular telephone number will go straight to voicemail. I will not reply to SMS messages on my primary line from Non-Contacts. Non-Contacts will need to call my [Toll-Free] telephone number to reach me by phone. To reach me by SMS, they will send the SMS to my [SMS] number. Now, there are Non-Contacts that used to be a Contact. Those calling my cellular telephone number will still go to voicemail. You must be a Contact to ring my cellular telephone number.


This essentially includes everyone in my contacts. If I know your full name, and we have regular contact, you are likely to be in my contacts. Contacts can communicate with me via my Toll-Free telephone number, or my personal cellular phone. In either case, the phone will ring. This is because the Contact is well in my my contacts.

Close Family/Friends

People (even in contacts) will not ring my telephone when I am sleeping or at a doctor’s appointment. This is because I have DND (Do Not Disturb) on. The phone will vibrate, and eventually go to voicemail. I will then call the person back when I am able to. If I received multiple calls, I will return the call in the order they came in on.

However, close family or friends have another option which they can use in the event of an emergency. This is to send a page to my pager. Yes, I know – a relic of the 90’s, but for my rationale, it makes sense. Those that are important enough to reach out to me in the event of an emergency will send a page to me. The pager will then sound a loud ear piercing tone that would wake me up. I will look at the number, and compare it with my contacts. I will then call the person that paged me, and address the emergency at hand.

Those that are close will only receive my [Pager] number if they promise to not give out the number to anyone. If I should have to change my pager number because they gave my pager number out, I will not give them the new pager, and they may even be demoted to a Non-Contact state.